Mhuri Imhuli Imwe Association Inc

Mhuri Imhuli Imwe Association Inc was formed by women who decided to meet to promote the welfare and interests of the community and our main agenda being to provide emotional, social and financial support in the event of the death of a member or family member. In addition we work hard to promote and provide recreation and social interaction among the African community thriving to close the loneliness gap associated with being far away from home.

Mental Health Support Group

Rise Up: Mental Health Support Group is a platform that encourages real conversations about mental well being through sharing of stories by real people who have gone through the worst and come out stronger .

Zimbabwean Business Association Australia

ZIM.B.A.A is a not for profit organisation established to provide a platform for recognition, support and networking for Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs living in Western Australia

Mubatanidzwa we madzimai
Pastor's Fraternity
List of Zimbabwean Organisations in Australia
  • Zimbabwean Community in Australia (VIC)
  • Australia Zimbabwe Business Council Ltd (VIC)
  • Association of Zimbabweans in Australia Inc QLD
  • Zimbabweans unite for Democracy (Zunde) Inc
  • The Zimbabwean connection Incorporated SA
    Walk for Zimbabwe ViC
  • South Australia Zimbabwe Association (SA)
  • Zimbabwe Association of Western Australia
  • Zimbabwe Information Centre Inc
  • Zimbabwe Business Entreprise Qld
  • Zimbabwe Wildlife fund WA
  • Zimbabwe sporting club inc SA
  • Zimbabwe Tasmania association
  • Vana Child care ministries Zimbabwe inc
  • Zimbabwe sports and Education Fund NSW
  • Zimbabwe Sports and education fnd NSW
  • Zimbabw wild life public fund inc WA
  • Zimbabwean business association Australia WA
  • Zimbabwe Anglican Fellowship Association NSW
  • Zimbabwe Catholic community Victoria Inc
  • Zimbabwe Darwin Community Association Inc NT
  • South Australia Zimbabwean Association


We would like to keep our community informed with what is happening around us.