Nomination Guidelines

  • You may nominate one individual or organization per category.
  • Please, no self-nominations or members of your own family. 
  • Individuals or organizations nominated in more than one award category will only be considered under the most applicable category, per the discretion of the awards selection committee.
  • To nominate an individual, organization or business, please fill out the nomination application and answer each question as specifically as you can about their contributions and achievements. 

Please ensure that your nomination is written in a clear and concise manner, including specific examples. Testimonials from those who have been impacted by your nominees actions are always a great addition.  


The Innovation & Entrepreneurship award is suitable for those making an impact in the community through their businesses. Those who have embraced the times and are focusing on improving our community. It is for Start ups and established businesses with outstanding service reviews and recommendations.  It is for the business that understands the value of inclusiveness in the community and works at improving the lives of others by creating employment.


The Outstanding Community Pillar recognizes those individuals or support groups that have been instrumental in building a holistic Zimbabwean community. This may be through their commitment to the people of Zimbabwe by consistently supporting programs and initiatives that will build a healthy community. They provide leadership, mentorship, guidance or positive interactions that result in personal growth of others.

The purpose of the Young Achievers Award is to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievements of our young people, year 12 up to and including 21 years of age as of 31st December each year. 

The Music, Arts & Culture Award is for celebrating those who have contributed to the preservation of our Zimbabwean culture through literature publications, music, language, dance, drama, food, clothing and other cultural experiences. This may include the best DJs, film producers, artists, authors, teachers and any other activities that promote a cultural experience.

It is suitable for those creating a memorable experience that live an imprint in the lives of many. These individuals have created a story or brought your story to life.  This category also includes Hair Dresser, Make up artists, Mc of the year, Creative art, Fashion designer, photography & videography. 


This Award goes to those who are excelling in sport and flying the flag of Zimbabwe high.

This Award celebrates those who are bringing Diversity in our conversations and making an impact in the community. these are champions on the conversations that are foreign to our community such as Mental Health, Wellbeing, Parenting, Abuse, healthy relationships and any other conversations that impact social change.

This category also includes individuals who are hosting events that empower others, make an impact on the social discourse or promote development in society.


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